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You’re not a number. You’re a human being with financial obligations and personal goals; we get that. As a boutique search firm that specializes in placing cybersecurity/IT executive candidates, Pinpoint is dedicated to a genuine interaction with you. Our primary objective will always be positioning you for an opportunity that will meet your career aspirations with our cybersecurity clients.

Recruiting top executive talent is hard, especially in highly competitive markets such as Cyber Security. We succeed in helping employers attract talent by focusing on the candidate experience from start to finish.

What IT Executive Candidates Can Expect When Partnering with Pinpoint

Once it is mutually agreed that an opportunity is a match for your cybersecurity career aspirations, together we’ll strategize on how you are presented to the hiring manager. At the point we introduce your candidate profile, Pinpoint will be fully prepared to communicate the match between your background and the employer’s requirements.


This ensures your Pinpoint representative is prepared to present how your skills and experience align with the hiring manager’s needs for that cybersecurity vendor.


One of Pinpoint’s cybersecurity recruiters will ask about your compensation requirements and candidly inform on whether our client’s budget is in line. At the point of introduction, your Pinpoint representative will set expectations with the client as well.

Candidate Recruitment Alignment
Executive Search Firm For Cyber Security Professionals


Pinpoint will provide you with cultural insight based on established relationships with hiring managers. This allows for expectations to be set prior to interviewing with our client.

We will never intentionally take action that will hurt your ability to provide for yourself and loved ones and we will never go dark on you.

Amy Jackson,
Co-Founder & Head of Candidate Recruitment

Stand out to cybersecurity executives.

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Why Do Cybersecurity/IT Executive Candidates Choose Pinpoint?

Pinpoint’s ability to provide leading cybersecurity talent has resulted in a network made up of some of the industry’s top cybersecurity professionals. We operate with a deep understanding of the cybersecurity industry and provide services to both established and startup cybersecurity vendors. 

Contact Pinpoint Search Group today to see how we can help in placing the cybersecurity industry’s top talent on your executive team today!