Cybersecurity Executive Search Consulting

Pinpoint executive search consultants for cybersecurity vendors and startups.

Pinpoint’s employment advisors and executive search consultants have a structured approach to recruiting talent. This contributes to a higher win ratio when competing for in-demand candidates.

Recruiting is more than simply identifying candidates and submitting resumes. Just as executives strategically plan marketing campaigns and agile development cycles. Effective headhunters plan talent acquisition strategies.

When Pinpoint’s recruitment services are retained. We partner with your hiring team and human resources to create a custom roadmap that will guide the search through to its fulfillment. The roadmap will be documented on The Pinpoint Custom Search Form™ and the search will begin.

Investing time up-front with Pinpoint, and following our proven search process along the way, will result in ROI. The hiring company will spend less time with unqualified candidates and the outcome will be a top performer joining your team.

Cybersecurity executive search consultants for vendors and startups.

Geographic Talent Assessment

Much of our recruiting work is centered around helping cyber security startups add critical Go-To-Market functions such as sales, field engineering, customer success and marketing. Determining geographic locations that possess a critical mass of talent is critical for our customers when it comes time to make talent acquisition decisions. Pinpoint’s talent research capabilities provide real-time insights into where the requisite cyber security talent resides for specific business needs.

Trends and Surveys

With a seemingly endless stream of VC investment into cyber security start-ups. Competition for the best talent is fierce. Understanding how to budget for planned hires before any recruiting takes place will have a significant impact the success of a recruitment campaign. Pinpoint has extensive experience cyber recruitment. Both primary and secondary US markets. We typically know the standard compensation ranges for talent in specific geographies. If we don’t, our team will conduct a real-time survey to help inform our clients.

Mapping Out The Process

If a top performer is exploring an opportunity with your company, it’s a safe bet they are in talks with several of your competitors in the cyber security domain as well. While compensation and alignment of your role to the candidate’s career aspirations are important, the courting process can make, or break, the successful recruitment of the person you want to hire. With this in mind, we highly encourage meticulously planning the hiring process and candidate experience before initiating the recruitment process.

Creating Employment Value

With so many vendors competing in the cyber security domain, there is a good chance the candidate pool you are targeting has never heard of your organization. That means a headhunter could be the first to communicate your company’s value proposition to a group of people that make up the cyber security industry. That’s a big deal! With first impressions being critical, Pinpoint takes time to truly understand your company’s value proposition, as well as the value a potential employee will realize when joining your organization. We then craft the messaging in our Custom Search Form which is approved by the hiring manager.

End to End Candidate Experience

While many variables influence a candidate’s decision to accept an offer, at the end of it all, most decide to join company because of the experience they had throughout the interview process. Pinpoint’s recruiters act as liaisons between candidates and employers throughout the entirety of the interview process. This serves both parties through the creation of a real-time feedback loop that enables transparency. The end result is constant qualification on both ends and a stellar candidate experience.

New Employee Retention

New hire onboarding for cyber security companies with limited resources can be tough, and Pinpoint is here to help. After a we have filled the search with the sought-after talent you’ve been looking for, we continue to act as a liaison to both the hiring manager and employee throughout the first 90 days. Our goal is to help our cyber security clients make successful hires and retain newly acquired talent.




Countless interactions with employers and candidates in the Cyber Security market inspired the launch of Pinpoint. We’ve heard your frustrations with the Staffing and Recruiting industry and the goal is to change that conversation. 

The core foundation of talent acquisition is the human element. As it stands today, recruiting platforms, applicant tracking systems and automation cannot replace the value of having a genuine, personal interaction. As a boutique cybersecurity recruiting agency, we are dedicated to just that: genuine interactions.