Cyber Security Vendor Funding Report – Q3, 2023

Q3 Cyber Security Vendor Transaction Highlights

  • 113 total funding and M&A transactions
  • $2.3 Billion raised over 89 rounds
  • 24 total M&A events

Crunching the Numbers

  • The $2.3 Billion raised in Q3, 2023 represents a 21% increase in funding raised when compared to Q3, 2022.
  • Funding volume increased substantially with 89 funding rounds tracked in Q3 ’23 compared to 56 in Q3, ’22, representing a 22% delta.
  • YTD 2023, cybersecurity vendors have raised $7.1 Billion over 261 rounds.
  • Interestingly, the 261 rounds of investment recorded through Q3 ’23 has already exceeded all of 2022’s volume, 233 rounds recorded for the full year.
  • Dollars invested through Q3, 2023 remains ~38% behind 2022’s total funding recorded. 

Annual Funding Comparison

Q3 Security Vendor Funding

Q3 Funding Round Count

Q3's funding rounds and mergers & acquisitions

Research Methodology

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