Pinpoint Search Group Feature:

Cybersecurity Talent Bubble Keeps Growing

Mark Sasson of Pinpoint Search Group sits down with Sharon Florentine of to discuss how the cybersecurity talent bubble keeps growing.

The fact is, there simply aren’t enough experienced cybersecurity professionals to go around, said Mark Sasson, managing partner at Pinpoint Search Group. But while in the present that gives experienced candidates a lot of leverage and the ability to write their own ticket, when the bubble does burst eventually, they could be in a world of hurt if they burned bridges in the industry or didn’t keep up with necessary skills.

“It’s always hard to hire, but these times are particularly difficult,” Sasson said. “There’s so much noise right now in the industry and about the industry, there’s a lot that could slip through the cracks in the interest of trying to fill these vacant roles. That could mean trouble in the future,” he said.

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