Do you know what recruiters are saying when representing your company?

When engaging with prospective clients, one of the first questions we ask is: do you know what headhunters say about your company when recruiting on your behalf? Most of the time, hiring managers have no idea how their employment value proposition is being communicated.

Given that our clients tend to be early-stage cybersecurity start-ups, this is a big problem. With over 2,000 cybersecurity vendors competing for both business and talent, brand recognition is extremely hard to come by.

What does this have to do with recruiting?

When a hiring manager deploys a recruiter to attract cybersecurity talent, that recruiter – if they’re any good – will be reaching out to a meaningful percentage of professionals that make up the cybersecurity industry. The outreach will likely be the first time that segment of the cybersecurity community hears about any given start-up. If the recruiter is not communicating details around company / opportunity appropriately, the outcome is a bad first impression.

In a situation where cybersecurity vendors are constantly battling for market recognition, competitors in the space can hardly afford misrepresentations of their companies and solutions. To mitigate this risk, our recruitment efforts start with getting to know a new client. We interview company executives with a goal of creating go-to-market content that accurately reflects their organization’s value propositions.

While the process I’ve outlined to this point isn’t anything revolutionary, here’s the kicker. After the discovery session with executives, we fully document the content that will make up our go-to-market pitch in a Custom Search Form. This is a living file that is updated and tailored to each search conducted for a client. The objective is to give hiring managers, along with other stakeholders, an opportunity to review and ensure our communication to the industry’s talent – hundreds of prospective candidates per search – is accurate.

The Pinpoint team’s track record of success recruiting top talent for cybersecurity start-ups reflects our dedication to a niche, the cybersecurity vendor space.  Our subject matter expertise, combined with a commitment to accuracy, results in compelling messaging to a sought-after candidate pool and results in quality hires.

Whether you’re working with us, or our competitors, make sure you know exactly what recruiters are saying about your company. Your brand and hard-fought industry recognition depends on it.

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