The Pinpoint Custom Search Form

Investing time up front with Pinpoint Search Group to complete The Pinpoint Custom Search Form™ will yield quality candidate submissions. We do this by taking the time to understand your firm’s unique search.

Before starting the recruitment process, hiring managers and Pinpoint representatives will meet to discuss the following key areas to ensure both parties are completely aligned using our proven and trademarked process.

Qualifying Questions

With your guidance, Pinpoint will generate interview questions used to pre-qualify candidates.


Pinpoint aligns candidate expectations with your budget prior to initial interviews.

Company Information

Pinpoint addresses the basics with candidates so you don’t have to. We provide your candidates with details such as founding date, leadership, funding, current headcount, and other relevant information.

Target Companies

Pinpoint ensures the top talent working for your competitors are informed about opportunities at your firm.

Ushering candidates seamlessly through the interview process is a major contributor to successfully landing passive, tier one talent.

Employment Value Proposition

Work with Pinpoint to generate unified messaging designed to compel passive candidates to explore an opportunity with your company.

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