We are a boutique recruitment firm filling searches in today’s most competitive areas of technology with Pinpoint precision.​


Pinpoint Search Group knows Information Management, Cyber Security, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Cloud.

Our experience recruiting hundreds of candidates in the areas of Cyber Security and Data Center Infrastructure provides us with the expertise to effectively communicate with, qualify and place professionals in today’s most competitive areas of technology.

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Robotic Process
Automation (RPA)





At Pinpoint, we know that being amongst the top recruiting firms requires continuous work. Our goal is to maintain an intent focus on precision and candor as we broker the right match for both our clients and candidates.

Mark Sasson,
Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Do you know how recruitment firms are representing your company?

The Pinpoint Custom Search Form ensures your message is communicated to tier one candidates in a way that confirms the right talent is attracted with Pinpoint precision.

We're involved from start to finish.

Pinpoint believes extensive engagement in the recruitment process leads to success. Our recruitment process is designed to ensure that Pinpoint is positioned to act as a broker by remaining engaged, and in constant contact with employers and candidates throughout the entire interview process.


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