We are a boutique recruitment firm filling VP, Director and Sr. Individual Contributor searches for Cyber Security vendors



Pinpoint Search Group's recruiters specialize in Information Management, Cyber Security, Cloud and Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Our experience recruiting hundreds of candidates in the areas of Cyber Security and Data Center Infrastructure provides us with the expertise to communicate with, qualify and place professionals in today’s most competitive areas of technology.

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Robotic Process
Automation (RPA)





At Pinpoint, we know that being amongst the top recruiting firms requires continuous work. Our goal is to maintain an intent focus on precision and candor as we broker the right match for both our clients and candidates.

Mark Sasson,
Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Do you know how recruitment firms are representing your company?

The Pinpoint Custom Search Form ensures your message is communicated to tier one candidates in a way that confirms the right talent is attracted with Pinpoint precision.

We're involved from start to finish.

Pinpoint believes extensive engagement in the recruitment process leads to success. Our recruitment process is designed to ensure that Pinpoint is positioned to act as a broker by remaining engaged, and in constant contact with employers and candidates throughout the entire interview process.

$500M in Funding, 9 Acquisitions, 1 IPO for Security Vendors
Dark Reading compiled data from Gartner analysis and Microsoft reports for a Post-COVID-19 security spending update. The data points, along with another month of robust cyber security vendor activity, are positive indicators for our industry. Here’s a look at the highlights from Dark Reading’s update:...
$583M in Funding, 4 Acquisitions, 1 IPO for Security Vendors
A report by Global Market Insights forecasts the cyber security industry will grow from $160B (2019) to $400B in 2026 representing 15% CAGR. The sustained funding and acquisition activity month over month seem to support the projection. August saw ~$583M...
$365M in Funding & 6 Acquisitions for Security Vendors
Even as 90% of global organizations delay key Cyber Security projects (source), investment in Security vendors continues. In July we tracked 13 start-ups that raised ~$365M while 6 were acquired. If you're interested in a daily update on this data,...
$444M in Funding & 9 Acquisitions for Security Vendors
Significant activity in June for Cyber Security vendors. 19 start-ups received a combined $444M in funding and 9 were acquired. Keep up with the rapidly changing Security vendor landscape on our monthly blog. Here's a roundup of June's Cyber Security...