Pinpoint Cybersecurity Recruitment

We are a boutique cybersecurity recruitment agency filling VP, Director and Sr. Individual Contributor searches for Cyber Security vendors.

Expertise in Cybersecurity Recruitment

Pinpoint Search Group’s cybersecurity specialization is filling executive IT, Infosec, and Cybersecurity positions. Our experience recruiting hundreds of candidates in the areas of Cybersecurity and Data Center Infrastructure provides us with the expertise to communicate with, qualify and place professionals in today’s most competitive areas of technology.

At Pinpoint, we have the resources to quickly provide you with cyber security staffing from our extensive network pool. We know that being among the top cybersecurity recruiting firms requires continuous work. Our goal is to maintain an intent focus on precision and candor as we broker the right match for both our clients and candidates.

Cybersecurity Recruitment Solutions

Cybersecurity Exec Search Firm Palisade Colorado

Cybersecurity Executive Search Solutions

IT Executives know what first-rate cybersecurity recruitment talent looks like. It’s likely they have been recruited themselves, and it’s almost certain they have engaged with recruiters to acquire talent. This translates to high expectations when executives themselves are approached with opportunities.

Professionals We Recruit: Executive Level

  • VP-Level: Sales, Channel, Marketing, Engineering, Field Engineering
  • Director Level: Sales, Channel, Marketing, Engineering, Field Engineering
  • First Line Manager: Sales, Channel, Marketing, Engineering, Field Engineering
Team Building For Cybersecurity Vendors, MSSP's and IT Industry

Individual Contributor Team Building

As companies consider regional expansion in North America, an in-depth understanding of each territory is critical. Primary markets such as the Bay Area and secondary markets like Nashville are not the same. Pinpoint’s exposure to recruiting talent in the various North American regions provides employers with critical information.

Positions That We Fill:

  • Engineers
  • Field Sales/Channels
  • Post Sales/Post-Sale Engineering
  • Customer Success
  • Marketing/Product Marketing & Management
Advisory Services For Cybersecurity Companies

Cybersecurity Advisory Services

Recruiting is more than simply identifying candidates and submitting resumes. Just as executives strategically plan marketing campaigns and agile development cycles, effective cyber security headhunters plan talent acquisition strategies. What we advise on:
  • Geographic talent pool assessment.
  • Compensation trends and surveys.
  • Mapping out hiring process.
  • Creating employment value propositions.

At Pinpoint, we know that being amongst the top recruiting firms requires continuous work. Our goal is to maintain an intent focus on precision and candor as we broker the right match for both our clients and candidates.

Mark Sasson,
Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Cybersecurity Vendors and Professionals Trust Pinpoint.

Do you know how your recruitment agency is representing your company?

The Pinpoint Custom Search Form™ ensures your company’s message is communicated to tier one candidates in a way that confirms the right cyber security executive talent is attracted with Pinpoint precision. Investing time up front with Pinpoint Search Group to complete The Pinpoint Custom Search Form™ will yield quality candidate submissions. We do this by taking the time to understand your firm’s unique search.

We're involved from start to finish.

Pinpoint believes extensive engagement in the recruitment process leads to success. Our recruitment process is designed to ensure that Pinpoint is positioned to act as a broker by remaining engaged, and in constant contact with employers and candidates throughout the entire interview process.

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