Team Building Recruitment

Team building recruitment for cybersecurity sales teams, field engineers, marketing and customer success teams. . .

Recruit the top cybersecurity talent for your team. Pinpoint’s team building recruitment process ensures you get the top individual contributors your company needs. Staff your team with top talent in sales, channels, alliances, field engineering, marketing, product marketing, product management, and customer success.

Pinpoint enables Cybersecurity firms to compete by filling their ranks with tier-one talent. As companies consider regional expansion in North America, an in-depth understanding of each territory is critical.

Primary markets such as the Bay Area and secondary markets like Nashville are not the same. Pinpoint’s exposure to recruiting talent in the various North American regions provides employers with critical information. As executives deliberate on where and how to grow their teams, we’re positioned to provide data on the size of talent pools, culture, compensation and local commuting patterns.

Whether Pinpoint has recruited your executives, or a team exists, we are well positioned to fill senior individual contributor searches across North America.

Teams we’ve helped staff within the cybersecurity markets.

Field Sales

Not all technology sales professionals are the same. Comprehending the difference in sales functions such as major accounts specialization, geographic vs vertical territory coverage and overlay sales is critical to a successful field sales search. Our understanding of these nuances has contributed to the recruitment of infosec sales professionals across the spectrum of functionality with start-up and established cyber security vendors.

Customer Success

With customer success covering all aspects of post sales, it’s important a recruiter is versed in the nuances of customer success functions. Customer Success Engineers, Technical Account Managers, Support and Training all fit into the category, but can represent very different skill sets. Pinpoint’s recruiters work with cyber security vendors to qualify their needs and identify customer success professionals that can meet the task at hand.

Field Engineering

Whether you’re a start-up or an established cyber security vendor, customer facing engineering talent is critical, though the type of talent can vary. Factors like budget for headcount, the complexity of demos and/or deployments and technical background will all play into the type of field engineer that you’ll be hiring. Our experience recruiting pre-sales, post sales deployment and hybrid field engineers across all segments of cyber security will ensure you’re interviewing qualified candidates.


Whether you’re in need of product marketing, demand generation, corporate or field marketing, Pinpoint has you covered. We know that marketing isn’t always a one-size-fits-all function. When cyber security vendors ask Pinpoint to attract a specific segment of marketing talent, they know our recruiters will identify candidates that meet their requirements.




Partnering with an executive search firm that knows your market will add instant credibility to your company as you target the top performing professionals that make up your industry. With expertise and focus on Cybersecurity, Pinpoint Search Group will serve as your premier team building solution. Our ability to provide leading cybersecurity talent has resulted in a network made up of some of the industry’s top cybersecurity professionals. We operate with a deep understanding of the cybersecurity industry and provide services to both established and startup cybersecurity vendors.