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Partnering with an executive search firm that knows your market adds instant credibility to your company. With expertise and focus on Cybersecurity, Pinpoint Search Group will serve as your premier cybersecurity executive search solution.

Impress Cybersecurity executives by making a strong impression. IT Executives know what first-rate recruitment talent looks like. It’s likely they have been recruited themselves, and it’s almost certain they have engaged with recruiters to acquire top cybersecurity talent. This translates to high expectations when executives themselves are approached with opportunities.

When targeting busy executives, deploying an executive recruiter that can have an informed discussion with the target candidate is critical. This thought process prompted Pinpoint to take an alternative approach compared to traditional executive search firms. Those organizations have strong recruiting fundamentals but cover a wide range of verticals. Pinpoint, instead, dedicates 100% of our time speaking with Cybersecurity professionals.

This strategy ensures executives are approached with effective messaging, crafted and delivered by a headhunter that knows their business. The result is a pool of influential individuals that are left with a positive impression of your company.

Custom cybersecurity executive searches tailored to your business.

VP Sales

There are nuances recruiters need to understand before engaging in a search for a VP / Director of Sales. Sales leaders at publicly traded companies are not automatically qualified to lead a sales team for an early-stage start-up, and vice versa. There are sales leaders that have a track record of building teams, while others specialize in optimizing teams as a company matures. Pinpoint will cover these, and other factors, with employers as they aspire to recruit tier-one sales leaders.

VP Marketing

Marketing isn’t a one-size-fits-all function, and most marketing leaders don’t have equal exposure to all aspects of marketing. Often, choosing a marketing leader depends on the maturity of the company and the most pressing needs. Does an early-stage start-up need to frame a compelling story around its product? Is it time to start thinking about a Corporate Marketing leader to enhance the brand and messaging? Or is time to focus on Demand Generation? Regardless of a cyber security vendor’s need, the Pinpoint team has the network to help.
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VP Channels

While the channel ecosystem is constantly evolving, it remains an integral part of the GTM strategy for technology companies. The type of channel leader a cyber security vendor recruits will depend on which model, or combination of strategies (alliances, distribution, resellers, integrators, MSSPs) the executive team decides to implement. Pinpoint understands the differences and has the tools to identify the right channel leader for its clients.

VP Field Engineering

Like sales leadership, identifying the right Field Engineering leader is a complex business. Factors such as large company v start-up, hands-on technical v a seasoned manager, and the make-up of the team all need to be considered before engaging on a search. The Pinpoint team will collaborate with executives to ensure an appropriate slate of candidates is presented.
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VP Customer Success

A comprehension of the Customer Success model a cyber security company envisions is the first step to identifying the right Customer Success leader. With Customer Success encompassing deployment, training, support, and account management, it’s important for a recruiter to qualify which areas a company needs to emphasize based on its maturity. From there the Pinpoint team will identify a leader that will drive successful outcomes.

Cybersecurity sectors we recruit VPs, Directors, and Sr. Individual Contributors for.

Top application security executives will assess your existing cybersecurity architecture, identify any gaps and vulnerabilities, eliminating solutions that don’t work together, leaving your company exposed. See how Pinpoint can help recruit your App Sec team.

Activity designed to protect the integrity, confidentiality, and usability of your network and data using both software and hardware technologies. Effective network security requires balancing security, performance, complexity, and cost. 

Endpoint security management is becoming increasingly more important as a larger number of employees start to work remotely. End users need to shield themselves and their business as well from cybersecurity attacks and data breaches.  

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Our ability to provide top cybersecurity talent has resulted in a network made up of some of the industry’s best cybersecurity professionals. We operate with a deep understanding of the IT industry and provide services to both established and startup cybersecurity vendors. 

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