Cybersecurity Agency Review

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Mark is one of those rare recruiters that I would recommend because the value he brings is reducing the wasted hours qualifying unqualified candidates. A rare find in an industry that has become too often a business of quantity of candidates vs the quality of the candidates. A rising star that if you are lucky enough to gain his attention, your focus can get back to the job at hand!I would look forward to the opportunity of working with Mark Sasson and would put 150% of my faith in his ability to pull together a senior level executive team, management layer and of course the team of execution, the individual contributors.
Holly Whalen
SVP Sales
The recruiting business for IT sales has lots of organizations out there that claim expertise, and a process to find candidates. Rarely, have I found this to be true. Pinpoint is one of those truly professional organizations that can interpret your position requirements into qualified candidates and reduce the noise of those that are not a good match. I have used Mark and his team on several occasions and found great team members, while saving me valuable time in sourcing the appropriate people!
Wayne Lewandowski
EVP Sales
Pinpoint fulfilled all our recs in a very efficient time period. Mark and team were very professional to work with. They really did their due-diligence on all the candidates before introducing them to us. Every person they brought to us was a possible candidate. Mark spent many hours understanding our needs and exactly what we're looking for in the candidate, they really did their homework. Mark and Amy were part of every single step of the hiring process. Thank you Mark and Amy at Pinpoint for your professionalism. Will definitely work with you again for all our future hires.
Snehal Contractor
VP Systems Engineering
I've worked with many recruiters in the past, but working with Mark has been an exceptional experience. Not only does he have a deep understanding of the company he is representing, he provides a thorough and detailed analysis of the individuals on both sides of the equation. He is truly looking for the ideal fit, and going above and far beyond to ensure the company and the candidate have a clear understanding of one another. Mark receives my highest recommendation.
Michael Plawner
VP Global Customer Success
As a cybersecurity startup building some very hard core tech, finding qualified developers to scale our team has been a critical issue for us. Mark and his team did an amazing job of helping us identify the right profile, build a screening process and ultimately find an amazing hire who even had a bonus qualification, a security clearance for our govt clients. He guided and educated us through creating an effective interview process, and though we had a few hiccups on our end, he didn't lose his patience with us, and ultimately taught us a lot about how we can deliver a better end to end recruiting experience for candidates! We look forward to working with him again soon to continue scaling our team!
Tiffany To
I started working with Pinpoint Search in late 2019 and have continued the relationship with them. I was immediately very impressed by the professionalism of this team, the level of detail, knowledge and their ability to get the job done. I have worked with many, many search agencies throughout my career and this Company made a permanent impression of how the process within a search for a candidate should be handled. I have recently engaged with other firms for different types of requirements at my organization and no one hits the bar that these folks have set. I highly recommend working with them in your search for a permanent role or for dynamic employees at your organization.
Kristen Tsamoudakis
Director, HR