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Partnering with a cybersecurity executive search firm that knows your market will add instant credibility to your company as you target the top performing professionals that make up your industry. With expertise and focus on IT/Cybersecurity, Pinpoint Search Group will serve as your premier executive talent search solution.

Our Niche is Cybersecurity

For over a decade, Pinpoint’s leadership has exclusively focused on foundations of today’s most competitive areas of technology. Pinpoint specializes in Cybersecurity, Cloud and data center infrastructure.

Pinpoint’s dedication to our niche has fostered trusted relationships and enabled the strong conceptual knowledge needed to evangelize your value propositions to cybersecurity executives and senior individual contributors.

Cyber Security Recruitment Firm
Employment Advisors For Cybersecurity Vendors

The Pinpoint Custom Search Form™ is designed to save you time. Hiring managers and Pinpoint recruiters review the key criteria of your firm’s unique search. This ensures both parties are completely aligned on candidate qualification, and messaging as we search for your future executives.

Enhanced Candidate Insight

Along with candidate resumes, a concise summary based on Pinpoint’s initial interview is included. Summary includes:

  • Pinpoint recruiter analysis of the candidate’s alignment with requirements
  • Candidate’s motivation to explore the opportunity with your company
  • Alignment of budget to candidate’s compensation requirements
Advisory Services For Cybersecurity Companies
Executive Search Firm For Cyber Security Professionals

Succinct Recruitment Process

It is important to know what your recruiting partner is doing on your behalf while attracting the cybersecurity industry’s top executives and individual contributors in such a competitive market.

The Pinpoint Recruitment Process ensures a stronger partnership with its clients and success in closing the market’s top cybersecurity talent.

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Why Pinpoint for your cybersecurity/IT executive search firm?

Pinpoint’s ability to provide leading cybersecurity talent has resulted in a network made up of some of the industry’s top cybersecurity professionals. We operate with a deep understanding of the cybersecurity industry and provide services to both established  and startup cybersecurity vendors.