Cyber Security Funding M&A Infosec startup March 2021

March’s Cyber Security Vendor Funding | M&A

March's cyber security vendor transaction highlights

March's 60 funding rounds and mergers & acquisitions

VendorMarket SegmentActivity TypeAcquiring Co.Financials
TripleBlindData PrivacySeed $8.2M
AxoniusAsset ManagementFunding, D-round $100M
Thycotic/CentrifyPAMAcquisition/MergerTPG Capital$1.4B
IdentiqIdentity ValidationFunding, A-round $47M
DopplerAuthenticationSeed $6.5M
AuthOIdentity PlatformAcquisitionOkta$6.5B
identity Trust Management AGIdentity SecurityAcquisitionIdnowUndisclosed
McAfee Enterprise EndpointAcquisitionSTG$4B
CurvCryptocurrency SecurityAcquisitionPayPal~$200M
ThirdSpaceIdentity SecurityAcquisitionTiG Data IntelUndisclosed
PrivaceraData Governance Funding, B-round $50M
DocSendSecure Document ShareAcquisitionDropbox$165M
SnykDeveloper SecurityFunding, E-round $300M
LumuThreat Detection Funding, A-round $7.5M
PathlockOrchestrationGrowth Funding $20M
DataGrailData Sec & ComplianceFunding, B-round $30M
Aqua SecurityCloud Native SecurityFunding, E-round $135M
CorvusCyber InsuranceFunding, C-Round $100M
Breach ClarityData Breach IntelAcquisitionSontiqUndisclosed
CynetXDRFunding, C-Round $40M
Cowbell CyberAI Cyber InsuranceFunding, A-round $20M
DFLabsSecurity OrchestrationAcquisitionSumo LogicUndisclosed
TausightHealthcare Data ProtectionFunding, A-round $20M
BitDamThreat Detection AcquisitionDattoUndisclosed
CywareSOARFunding, B-round $30M
RumbleAsset DiscoverySeed $5M
LoginIDAuthenticationSeed $6M
ArgonDevelopment SecuritySeed $4M
IronNet CybersecurityThreat Detection IPO Announcement  
CipherCloudCloud Security / SASEAcquisitionLookoutUndisclosed
Vulcan CyberVulnerability RemidiationFunding, B-round $21M
New ContextDevSecOpsAcquisitionCopadoUndisclosed
CoalitionCyber InsuranceFunding, D-round $175M
SocureIdentity ValidationFunding, D-round $100M
MuseDevVulnerability ScanningAcquisitionSonatypeUndisclosed
CyleraIoT Security (Healthcare)Funding, A-round $10M
SecurityScorecardSecurity Ratings PlatformFunding, E-round $180M
SecureframeComplianceFunding, A-round $18M
SeonFraud DetectionFunding, A-round $12M
OsoApplication AutherizationFunding, A-round $8.2M
Gemini AdvisoryDark Web Monitoring Acquisition Recorded Future$52M
ERP MaestroERP Access ControlAcquisitionSailPointUndisclosed
Mesh7Cloud-Nativ Application SecAcquisitionVmwareUndisclosed
FiVerityFraud DetectionFinancing $2M
SCADAfenceOT SecurityFunding, B-round $12M
Axis SecurityZero Trust Network AccessFunding, C-Round $50M
Orca SecurityCloud SecurityFunding, C-Round $210M
JumioIdentity VerificationFunding $150M
ID.meDigital Identity SecurityFunding, C-Round $100M
KetchData Privacy / ComplianceFunding, A-round $23M
FeedzaiFintech Fraud SecurityFunding, D-round $200M
MorphisecEndpointFunding, C-Round $31M
CybeatsIoT SecurityAcquisitionRelay Medical$7.5M
ZerospamEmail SecurityAcquisitionHornetsecurityUndisclosed
Living SecuritySecurity TrainingFunding, B-round $14M
Cyan Forensics OSINTFunding, A-round $6.9M

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Pinpoint recruits VPs, Directors and Sr. Individual Contributors for cyber security vendors. As start-ups continue raising millions in funding and established vendors make acquisitions to round out their offerings, Pinpoint Search Group is keeping track.

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