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$783M in Funding, 8 Acquisitions for Security Vendors

According to a Data Tribe report, cyber security represented 19% of U.S. early venture activity – up from 14.9% in Q2. If our research for October is an indicator of how Q4 will look, the trend upward is primed to continue.

October’s cyber security vendor investment eclipsed each individual month in Q3 with $783M in funding. Eight acquisitions were also announced. 

October’s 36 cyber security funding rounds and mergers & acquisitions

VendorMarket SegmentActivity TypeAcquiring Co.Financials
jSonarDatabase SecurityAcquisitionImpervaUndisclosed
PortShiftKubernetes SecurityAcquisitionCiscoUndisclosed
EclypsiumDevice SecurityFunding, A+-round $13M
Strike GraphCompliance AutomationSeed $3.9M
OyloICS / OT SecurityAcquisitionRockwell AutomationUndisclosed
Illusive NetworksDeception SecurityFunding, B+-round $24M
OnapsisSecurity / Compliance Funding, D-round $55M
CyveillanceThreat IntelAcquisitionZeroFoxUndisclosed
ShoCardIAMAcquisitionPing Identity $4.7M
TaniumEndpointFunding, common stock $150M
AccuricsCloud SecurityFunding, A-round $20M
NormShieldCyber Risk RatingFunding, A-round $7.5M
deepwatchMSSPFunding, B-round $53M
CyberpionOnline Infrastructure Seed $8.5M
apiiroDevSecOpsFunding, A-round $35M
BitNinjaWeb Server ProtectionFunding, A-round $2.5M
Sonrai SecurityCloud SecurityFunding, B-round $20M
FOSSAOpensource GovernanceFunding, B-round $23.2M
NeuraLegionApplication SecuritySeed $4.7M
Unit21Identity & Fraud MonitoringFunding, A-round $13M
4iQRisk Intelligence Funding, C-round $30M
Decipher Works & CloudTenIdentity Management & CloudAcquisitionCyberCX$17.5M
SymDevSecOpsFunding, A-round $9M
MineData PrivacyFunding, A-round $9.5M
Arctic WolfMSSPFunding, E-round $200M
SecureframeAutomated Security ComplianceSeed $4.5M
ForcepointPlatformAcquisitionFrancisco Partners Undisclosed
StriderCounter Espionage Funding, A-round $10M
Theta LakeConferencing SecurityFunding, A-round $12.7M
Bluefin Payment SystemsData & Payment SecurityFunding $25M
Enso Security Application SecuritySeed $6M
StackHawkApplication SecurityFunding, A-round $10M
TokaCyber Security IntellegenceFunding, B-round $25M
AsavieMobile/IoT SecurityAcquisitionAkamaiUndisclosed
StairwellThreat IntelSeed $4.5M
LucidumAsset DiscoverySeed 


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