Cyber Security Funding M&A Infosec startup September 2023

September ’23 Cyber Security Vendor Funding | M&A

September's cyber security vendor transaction highlights

  • 37 total funding and M&A transactions 
  • $864 Million raised over 28 rounds
  • 9 M&A events

September's funding round breakdown

September's funding rounds and mergers & acquisitions

Research Methodology

Pinpoint is constantly working to improve its data collection and dissemination. As cybersecurity is an industry in constant flux, where segments continue to be created or rebranded, our guiding principle is to record and reflect data as accurately as possible while maintaining measurable statistics.

Here’s how we go about it.

  •  The primary objective is tracking the cybersecurity vendor community.

  • The existence of a security feature within a wider tech offering does not make it a “cybersecurity vendor” for this data set.

  • If a funding round has not been defined, it is referred to as “funding”.

  • A “plus round” or “oversubscribed round” will be categorized in the round that has been oversubscribed. Example: A+ round will be recorded as an “A” round of funding.

  • Grants and debt funding will not be recorded.

  • Sub $1M pre-seed / seed rounds will not be recorded.

  • Undisclosed funding rounds are omitted starting Q3, 2023.

  • Due to the abundance of segments within cybersecurity, we have narrowed down the categories to reflect the core security function, or issue, the vendor addresses. This allows for reasonably accurate YoY segment comparisons.

  • “Cloud Security” will be used only if a vendor performs multiple security functions in the cloud. If a vendor protects one function (exa. Identity or Data) in the cloud, they will be categorized as “Identity” or “Data”.


About Pinpoint Search Group

Pinpoint recruits VPs, Directors and Sr. Individual Contributors for cyber security vendors. As start-ups continue raising millions in funding and established vendors make acquisitions to round out their offerings, Pinpoint Search Group is keeping track.

Contact us to discuss adding talent to your team, or if it’s time to explore new opportunities. 

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