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5 tips for optimizing your LinkedIn profile

Optimizing LinkedIn

As executive recruiters, technology professionals routinely confide in us as they consider moving on from their companies. There are candidates that simply want to make us aware of their intentions. Some ask our opinion on trends in the Cyber Security market and others ask for help “dusting off the resume” (a topic we covered here). […]

Weighing an AI Solution vs a Human Resource

AI Solution Human Resource

Being in a situation where I’m weighing an AI solution vs a human resource seems like a Sci-Fi storyline, right? Well, lo and behold, it’s a decision I’m going to have to make as my search firm – Pinpoint Search Group – expands. As an executive recruiter, part of my job is to keep up […]

Employee Retention: Reengineering Workplace Culture

employee retention

For industries with talent gaps such as Cyber Security, employee retention is becoming critical. Yet as Millennials become the dominant age group in today’s workforce, the trend of high turnover rates is primed to continue. Already, Millennials account for the largest segment of the workforce and are projected to make up 75% by 2030 (source). […]

Implementing a Stellar Candidate Experience

Recruiting top talent is hard, especially in highly competitive markets such as Cyber Security, Cloud and RPA. We succeed in helping employers attract talent by focusing on the candidate experience from start to finish. While there is a lot of content addressing candidate experience, most of it is centered around the importance of structuring a […]

Applying Buying Habits to Your Recruitment Strategy

One definition of selling is “to persuade someone of the merits of…”. When a recruiter is conveying your company’s value proposition to a passive candidate, they are effectively selling the idea of working for your firm. A recent report by CSO Insights indicates buyer behavior and expectations are changing rapidly and demand is increasing for: […]

How to Hire the Best Recruiter for Your Search

Engaging a recruiter to help with talent acquisition is a big deal. You have essentially hired a recruitment agency to communicate your firm’s value proposition to the individuals that make up your industry. Understanding the forms of recruiter engagement will help in qualifying the right headhunter to fill your unique search needs. Recruiter Engagement Overview […]

Is Your Hiring Process Properly Mapped Out?

Mapping out a succinct hiring process is one of the most crucial, yet underrated components of a talent acquisition strategy. Ushering candidates seamlessly through the process can be a major contributor to successfully landing passive, tier-one talent. We’ll review in detail three critical elements to mapping a hiring process: Laying the Foundation Defining the Hiring […]

How to Choose and Partner with Headhunters

Growing a team can be time consuming and add a significant workload on top of your day job. Hiring managers conducting their own hiring process quickly find that they turn into full-time recruiters as they get sucked into scouring job boards, browsing through hundreds of resumes and interviewing dozens of candidates. Read more about the importance […]

Navigating Candidate Driven Markets

Just as financial markets experience bullish and bearish swings, there are shifts between employer and candidate driven markets. The trend in IT over the past few years shows that candidates have the upper hand in the market and it’s unlikely to shift anytime soon. IT Employment Trends By mid-2018 there were 350,000 open Cyber Security […]

Tried and True Tips for Updating Your Resume

As a society our attention span has exponentially been reduced; a topic covered in psychologist Daniel Goleman’s book “Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence”. To adapt, job hunters must craft their personal value proposition on resumes in a concise and direct manner. As you craft your resume, consider its purpose, content, format and length. Purpose […]