Cybersecurity Recruiting Solutions

Pinpoint recruits executives and builds commercial, public sector and federal teams in the areas of Cyber Security.

Ensuring your recruitment partner is communicating your messaging effectively has implications that go beyond talent acquisition.  Headhunters are often the first to inform the individuals that make up your industry about your company or a specific role within your organization.

Maintaining a focus on executive search and team expansion within the confines of Cyber Security ensures we’re consistently connecting with the candidates you want to talk to and are tuned into industry trends. This results in Pinpoint expertly communicating your company’s value to the top talent in your industry.

Regardless of your organization’s revenue or headcount, Pinpoint’s recruiters will fill your most urgent searches across all primary and secondary markets in North America.

Pinpoint's cybersecurity recruitment for executives and teams.

Cybersecurity Executive Search

Executives expect to be approached with opportunities by seasoned professionals that know their business. Pinpoint’s polished team has extensive industry knowledge that will represent your firm well.
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Team Building Search

Pinpoint’s founders have a track record of success working with Executives to build teams from the ground up and expand existing teams.
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Cybersecurity Consultants

Pinpoint partners with employers to create a structured approach to talent acquisition resulting in a higher win ratio when competing for in-demand candidates.




Partnering with an executive search firm that knows your market will add instant credibility to your company as you target the top performing professionals that make up your industry. With expertise and focus on Cybersecurity, Pinpoint Search Group will serve as your premier team building solution. Contact us today to source your team of cybersecurity experts.