Let Pinpoint assist in your teams application security recruitment process!

Pinpoint Search Group can help assist in your teams application security recruitment. Get the executives that know the process of making apps more secure by finding, fixing, and locking down coding changes while assessing inadvertent coding threats. Attackers target applications by exploiting vulnerabilities within these applications, abusing logic to gain access to customers’ sensitive data.

AppSec executives who expose weaknesses.

Cybersecurity breaches are caused by software vulnerabilities. Many malware, Internet of Things, and Point of Sale terminal attacks stem from insecure programming practices. Moreover, every year web applications as a leading source of breaches. As development teams build new applications, new methodologies are becoming the new norm and organizations are quickly jumping aboard the DevOps train.

Types Of Application Security Solutions

  • Source Code Review
  • Mobile AppSec
  • Application Threat Monitoring
  • AppSec Architecture Review
  • Program Initiative Mapping
  • Secure Development Training

We've helped with application security recruitment for companies like.

Zero North

ZeroNorth relies on technology professionals to develop, market, sell, and implement the security industry’s first DevOps security automation platform. As the company expanded its Boston-based footprint, it encountered a familiar problem in the cybersecurity industry: intense competition for top talent.

Get the industry’s top AppSec executives to grow your team.

Expose Risks

Top application security executives will assess your existing cybersecurity architecture, identify any gaps and vulnerabilities, and eliminate solutions that don’t work well together, leaving your company exposed.

Optimize Resources

The right executives can optimize a team’s resources controls based on regulatory compliance guidelines and with adherence to the business’s best practices.

Integrate Resources

After exposing and reviewing your apps architecture, executives work to integrate current and emerging technologies, provide recommendations on products and controls that minimize your company’s risk.

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Pinpoint recruits VPs, Directors and Sr. Individual Contributors for cyber security vendors. As start-ups continue raising millions in funding and established vendors make acquisitions to round out their offerings, Pinpoint Search Group is keeping track.

Other cybersecurity sectors we recruit VPs, Directors, and Sr. Individual Contributors For.

Recruit application security professionals who truly understand DevOps.

Being exposed to cybersecurity attacks can lead to disastrous circumstances going beyond just the technical aspects of your company. Pinpoint Search Group brings the highest caliber candidates to vendors in the cybersecurity sector with professionals who truly understand coding and application security, how it works, and what is needed to stop today’s cybersecurity attacks.

Contact Pinpoint Search Group today to see how our team of professionals can create a tailored recruiting solution to land you the cybersecurity industry’s top VPs, Directors, and Sr. Individual Contributors for your application security team.

Amy Jackson | Cybersecurity Headhunter

Amy Jackson