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As a cloud native approach becomes the foundation for how many new technologies are launched and delivered via SaaS models over the internet, the result is new and persistent cybersecurity threats. With rapid adoption of cloud computing by individuals, small and large businesses and state, local and federal agencies cloud protection imperative.

Cloud security is designed to prevent unauthorized access to data and applications residing in cloud platforms and address threats. Cyber security threats can come from advanced persistent threat actors funded by nation states or insider threats –  people from within an organization or government agency.

Importance of cloud security.

The importance of the cloud and its security concerns are attracting consideration, attention, and interest from all industries. Recent research shows 1 in 4 companies using public cloud services have experienced data theft of some sort.

Businesses are embracing the cost-effectiveness, and efficiency of cloud computing as it allows for more productivity. Conducting business in the cloud allows employees and customers access to data anytime and anywhere. The consequences for organizations and agencies that do not practice cloud security hygiene include fines, lawsuits and diminished public trust. Such was the case with the Equifax breach.

Cloud security solutions for your industry.

Cloud Security For Financial Institutions and Online Banking

Financial Services

Visibility into applications and user awareness of the current threats due to cloud misconfiguration is imperative. As cloud misconfigurations continue to leave organizations vulnerable, financial services need to find a way to close this window of opportunity for potential cybercriminals.

Cloud Security For The Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Services

Cloud computing allows for improving the delivery of healthcare and increasing the business flexibility of medical organizations, enabling them to operate with greater efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and agility. A highly regulated industry and concerns over privacy and security make cloud computing difficult because of off-premise servers.

Cloud Security For Government Agencies & Contractors

Government Agencies

As government agencies implement modernized IT solutions, they need to reduce application complexity and improve user experience. Government agencies and contractors need cloud infrastructure, security features, and next-generation technologies to transform, strengthen, and future-proof their operations.

Cloud Security For Online Education


With online schooling gaining traction, school systems are starting to use software-based cloud services that blend private and public delivery models, making cloud security for education sector a necessity.

Online Shopping & Endpoint Security | Pinpoint Search Group

Retail Markets

Retailers must stay competitive to deliver new business capabilities faster. Given the U.S retail sector’s growing dependence on the cloud, along with that sector’s vulnerability to data breaches, the concerns about cybersecurity are justified. The best defense for retailers is strong end-to-end encryption algorithms, starting at the source.

Cloud Security For The Media & Entertainment Industry


Having your content stolen can have a major impact on a businesses profits. Media and entertainment companies face a multitude of cybersecurity challenges as other industries where protecting data is paramount to your operation. Between demonstrating compliance and improving operational efficiency, cloud security is a must in ensuring minimal downtime.

What cloud security responsibilities does your company have?

  • Software-as-a-service (SaaS) — Your company is responsible for securing its data and user access. This would be companies with ecommerce software such as Bigcommerce & Shopify.
  • Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) — Businesses are responsible for securing their own data, user access, and applications. This would be if you were using Oracle’s software. 
  • Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) — Customers are responsible for securing their data, user access, applications, operating systems, and virtual network traffic. Companies like Amazon Web Services or AWS. 

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